1990 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
2001–2011 Self Directed Residencies in Newport, OR (2001), Oracle, AZ (2002), Paducah, KY (2004), Taos, NM (2011)
2003 Residency at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, Riverside County, CA
2015 Residency at Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, CA

December 2019 Transfixed, Augen Gallery, Portland, OR (upcoming)
2019 40th Annual Peace Exhibition, Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum, Nagasaki, Japan
2018 Phraseology, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2017 With Liberty and Justice for Some, Walter Maciel Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2017 Hypochondria Drawings, Helzer Gallery, Portland Community College, Portland, OR
2016 But… I Wanna Be a Robot, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2015 They’re My Friends—I Made Them, Three30Forty, Oakland, CA
2015 The Scarcity Paintings, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2014 Disjecta Contemporary Art Center Annual Art Auction, Portland, OR
2014 Sharpie Looks for God, Toomey-Tourell Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
2014 Cascade AIDS Project Live Auction, curated by Prudence Roberts, Portland, OR
2014 Perversities and Confessions, Cock Gallery, Portland, OR
2013 Introductions, Anne Irwin Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
2012 Other People’s Secrets, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2012 Cascade AIDS Project Live Auction, curated by Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson, Portland, OR
2011 Identity Paintings, Worksound, Portland, OR
2011 Pretty Mess with Words, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2010 Paintings I Wrote on in 2009, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2010 Recent Work, Davidson Galleries, Seattle, WA
2009 Paint as Subject, Emily Amy Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2008 You Know How I Feel, Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM
2008 Introductions, Seattle Art Museum Gallery, Seattle, WA
2008 In Homage to the Graffiti I Didn’t See in Manhattan, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2007 Artists Go Lightly, Temporary Autonomous Museum(s), San Francisco, CA
2007 Summer Salon, bsg Modern, Atlanta, GA
2006 New Work, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2004 Gesturing and New Work, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2004 Paducah, Mark Palmer Gallery, Paducah, KY
2002 Ecstasy: Mind, Body, Spirit, Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Ana, CA
2002 Visions International, Art Center Waco, Waco, TX
2002 National Woman’s Exhibition, Impact Artists’ Gallery, Buffalo, NY
2002 Aesthetics 2002, Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery. Lindsborg, KS
2002 Persistence: Figure, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2001 Artist Edit (group show) and solo exhibition, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2001 Drawing II, Period Gallery, Omaha, NE
2000 New Drawings, Omni Gallery, Portland, OR
1999 Davis Street Inaugural, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
1998 Omni Gallery, Portland, OR
1997 Palace Gallery, Portland, OR